Work of the Future

NordiCHI 2022 Workshop

Sunday, 9th of October 2022 (hybrid)

Accepted Papers

How to Accept Remote-Controlled Avatars in the Workplace
by Mika Yasuoka

Technology Design to Mediate Collaborative Interaction for Future Work – A
Teaching Perspective

by Eva Eriksson, Gökçe Elif Baykal, Peter Ruijten-Dodoiu, and Olof Torgersson

Co-Customizing the Future of Work
by Carla F. Griggio

The Design Studio of the Future: A Practical Experiment
by Lars Erik Holmquist and Sam Nemeth

How the “New” New Normal Working Life Post COVID-19 Could Work to Trigger Creative Solutions of Future Work
by Jan Gulliksen, Joakim Lilliesköld, and Stefan Stenbom

Hybrid work: rethinking current digitalization agendas
by Tone Bratteteig, Johanne Oskarsen, and Guri Verne

Hybrid Work Practices
by Nur Beril YAPICI

A Discussion Kitchen for “All” or “None at All”. Challenges in Datasets to (Re)Center People with Reduced Functionality in Design Work
by Pernille Bramsen, Ryan Hughes, Christian Villum, and Naja Holten

The Future of Hybrid Work: A position paper
by Juliane Busboom

Hybrid Work for Industrial Workers: Challenges and Opportunities in using Collaborative Robots
by Eike Schneiders, Niels van Berkel, and Mikael B. Skov